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We offer an entire line of Hurricane Impact doors and windows that

will add beauty to your home, storm-resistant strength, and energy

efficiency for a cost that will fit right within your budget. Our product line

of interior doors can be manufactured in any species of wood as well as

MDF material.  All our doors and windows are manufactured in Florida.  We

combine the latest technology with time-tested traditional craftsmanship

to produce a top quality product that will last you for years to come and

add value to your home.  We manufacture our products from raw lumber

to finished product.  Using the latest technology, each door and window is

custom built to each Client’s unique specifications.  We specialize in getting

you what you need when you need it with no runaround or confusion.  In

fact, most products can be manufactured in 2 to 3 weeks.  We know that

your project is critical to your business, so we make it critical to ours as

well.  Call or e-mail Verona today for more information on our product

lines, or to get a price quote for your specific project or need.

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